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Published in December of 2020.

Erin Carlyle's Magnolia Canopy Otherworld creates a powerful portrait of rural struggle in America with empathetic insights into poverty, the opioid crisis, and female autonomy.

“Magnolia Canopy Otherworld explores the places that hold
the muddied and forested histories of women. Sensory and
sensual, Erin Carlyle’s poems portray an elemental girlhood,
and the fragility and publicness of a body, even in the woods.
These poems are full of dangerous baptisms, teeth and
hooks, gothic flora and their attendant ghosts. Carlyle’s style
is lush and lovely, but always tugging with its dark undertow
until we feel our own animal selves rise out at the end,
gasping and human again.”
– Traci Brimhall, author of our lady of the ruins

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