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Dana Leigh Snyder


Dana Leigh Snyder (Nora 6592) is an American performing artist located in Brooklyn, New York. She earned her BA in Dance and experimental Theatre from UC Davis, and an MFA from The Actor’s Studio at the New School, NYC. She has been teaching the arts since 2008, is the Director of Drama at SLDTA, and in 2015, started her own children’s theatre, film and dance program called Urban Wildlife Arts. Her live and digital pieces focus predominately on egalitarian animal themes, utilizing various types of physical and experimental theatre, dance, animation, children's books, moving poetry, and burlesque.  Occasionally, she can be seen performing as a cat in NYC burlesque houses under the stage name “Pussy Leigh”. 


Her latest work (in progress) is a living, environmental set/art installation called “Nora 6592”. In this piece, the viewer enters the “living” room of an unknown inhabitant, named Nora. Once inside, they are encouraged to interact with the set pieces: sit, drink, read, watch TV, make phone calls, look and listen. Several components of the room are interactive and/or alive, and hold clues about the person who lives there. The room corresponds to a digital website that brings the viewer from a fully dimensional world, into a one-dimensional rabbit hole. Once the guests leave room 6592, they will no longer ask themselves “Who is Nora?” but rather “What is Nora?”.

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